Professional Values

Where we believe in Applying Good Intention to Accident Prevention.

“As the President and Co-Founder of IMOCS Safety Consulting, quality service and positive results are my constant pursuit, as is the well-being of people both at work and at home.”


  • Show pride in all our services
  • Promote a positive and optimistic culture
  • Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions
  • Educate craft and management alike in the importance of a safe and healthy culture


  • To act with honesty
  • To act with competence in every task
  • To be fair to all persons and treat them with respect
  • We will hold ourselves responsible for our actions


  • Defamation of clients or fellow Advisors will not be tolerated
  • Any confidential information gathered will stay within our professional practice
  • Healthy safety cultures are to be promoted through influence and not authority
  • Promote and educate the ideals of Safety 24/7


  • Feel that our work is contributing significantly to a set of moral standards, which we feel are especially important
  • Educating others in the importance of leaving the workplace in the same healthy condition in which they arrived
  • Helping to create an atmosphere where our clients and their employees can feel an understanding of their loss prevention program